Healy App

The Healy App is the control center for the application of all Healy Editions and can support you bioenergetically through a variety of programs in different life situations. 

With it, frequency-modulated microcurrent programs can be started and transmitted to the body.

  • This app can be used to control both the Healy and the MagHealy. It is always needed when it comes to transferring frequencies to a device for application.
  • The content (and thus the number of available programs) can vary. The decisive factor is the Healy Edition used as well as additionally purchased program groups and subscriptions.

Tens of thousands of frequencies

The Healy App uses the 144,000 gold frequencies developed with Portuguese clinic director and scientist Nuno Nina, who has used it on thousands of clients.



Based on the gold frequencies, the Healy App has more than 100 Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs that use these frequencies to harmonize the bioenergetic field.


in real time

Not only does Healy determine which frequencies currently have the greatest resonance, he also uses the resonance analysis function to determine the progress of the currently applied frequency every 10 seconds.

Program groups in detail

Each program group contains different programs, each of which contains a large number of individual frequencies. The ones that are right for you are selected and transmitted in real time based on the applied resonance analysis until the resonance progress analysis reaches 95% or the maximum time specified for the application step is reached.

Gold Cycle


The Gold Frequencies were developed together with the Portuguese clinic director and researcher Nuno Nina, who has applied them to thousands of clients for over 15 years.

The Gold Cycle is based on three programs: Balance, Being and Pure. Balance is designed to harmonize the Bioenergetic Field of the physical, Being the emotional body, while Pure promotes recovery from environmental causes of energetic imbalance.

In our experience these three programs can be used alternately every day to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. The Care program can be used when you feel your system is particularly challenged.

With the Healy IMF applications, the technology, expertise and experience of Nuno Nina are now available to you at all times.



Learning succeeds particularly well when it is fun, easy and relaxed.

Today, even young adults face big challenges: examination tension, mental strain, grade pressure, social anxiety and others. This can manifest itself in concentration problems, burnout, compulsive and self-defeating behaviors, lack of motivation or unpredictable moods.

Healy provides IMF programs for harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field, which in our experience can support creativity.

University and career training students can particularly profit from Healy frequency technology during exam time. Healthy habits can be supported in the Bioenergetic Field as well as learning and concentration.



With today‘s frequently sedentary lifestyles, maintaining fitness is a good means of balance for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Regular physical activity should always be followed by a recovery phase. In addition, it is essential to maintain a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients and fiber.

Fitness is also characterized by a sense of becoming balanced and centered within ourselves.

It is always important to feel supported and centered, and all the more so during times of need, burnout or grief.

The Healy Fitness programs have been developed with this basic idea in mind. These programs include the body as well as the mind; we strongly believe that a balanced, sustainable and holistic psycho-physiological constitution must encompass both of them.

Our Healy Fitness IMF programs therefore concentrate on the harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field in four essential areas: muscles, performance, weight and relaxation. In our experience this combination is therefore suitable for everyone who enjoys sports and fitness activities.



People leading a stressful working life often feel stuck on a treadmill. They may be in a situation where they have little opportunity to focus on their own needs and wants.

External commitments may seem more important than their inner voice calling for a break or a change of direction.

If this call is ignored for too long and if one‘s own limits are permanently exceeded, the body may adopt a “refusal attitude“ that can lead to the deactivation of entire functional areas.

This in turn can lead to prolonged fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disruption and hypersensitivity.

Healy IMF applications are designed to provide valuable harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field when leading an active professional life, offering programs for people leading a stressful everyday life.



We spend about one third of our life sleeping. The need for sleep varies for each individual, but on average it is about 7.5 hours per day.

Depending on the age and life situation, 4-12 hours of sleep may be required, in one go or spread over the day. Sleep is vital and serves to regenerate the body and process the impressions of the day.

Disturbed sleep can throw us off balance and even make us sick in the long run. Longer lasting sleep disturbances can lead to physical fatigue, health deficits and a weakening of the immune system.

In addition, poor sleep quality can also have a negative emotional effect and strain our psyche.

Healy IMF applications are designed to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field to prepare for sleep by quickly resting after a long day or after the stress of everyday life.



The skin forms the physical boundary between the inner and outer worlds.

It is not only a respiratory organ, but also a visible “showpiece“ representing beauty, youthfulness and health.

The outer beauty is decisively influenced by the inner beauty, which in turn is influenced by factors such as intestinal health, inner balance and bliss.

Nuno Nina‘s experience in harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field for inner balance and relaxation as well as his expertise in defining the appropriate frequencies for harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field of the skin have been integrated into the Healy Beauty programs.



The skin is our largest organ and fulfills many vital functions. It serves as a storage center for lipids and water and has metabolic and protective capabilities.

In our experience Healy IMF applications can help you obtain harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for different tissues.

The skin of your face may reflect an inner conflict, which can be a mental imbalance or a possible food sensitivity. Healy frequency applications are designed to harmonize the Bioenergetic Field for skin purity

If an injury does not heal smoothly, scar tissue develops and we believe this can act as a source of disturbance. An untreated scar can create bioenergetic blockages, which can strain both the body and the soul of the affected person.

Healy frequency applications are designed to support the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field to help you to overcome these stresses.

Mental Balance


The mental balance and the subconscious of the human being are complex and host all feelings and thoughts, as well as all mental characteristics and the specific personality traits of a person.

The human being is a unity consisting of body, mind and soul. Thus, as psychosomatics shows, people can have physical complaints caused by mental imbalances.

This influence also works in the opposite direction, so that the body, for example the intestine, has a great influence on a person‘s mental balance. We believe if this colloquially called inner or soul life is intact, an individual is balanced and vital.

Traumatic experiences are partly unconscious experiences that can reach from the past into the present. They continue to have an effect on the physical as well as the mental and spiritual level, if the trauma has not been processed, integrated or dissolved. To bioenergetically harmonize your mental harmony with Healy IMF applications, we have developed the following programs for you.

Bioenergetic Harmony


The categories “Bioenergetic Harmony 1“ and “Bioenergetic Harmony 2“ contain frequency program compilations of the most common applications in everyday life, selected based on the experiences of our users. The Healy IMF programs are designed to address disharmonies in the Bioenergetic Field.

The use of terms such as "immune system" and the like refers to the disharmonies in the bioenergetic field that often underlie the symptoms associated with these terms.

They are not intended to state or imply that harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field will directly affect these issues or that related diseases will be cured, treated, alleviated or prevented.

The Healy IMF programs deal only with disharmonies in the bioenergetic field.



Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) claims that the life energy (Qi) flows in channels, or meridians.

According to this concept, there are twelve main channels and each meridian is assigned to a functional circle (organ system).

The corresponding acupuncture points are therefore threaded onto the meridians like pearls on a string.

Furthermore, acupuncture points have relationships or connections to organs or parts of organs which the acupuncturist activates by stimulation and thus endeavors to positively influence the state of the organ.

The Healy IMF programs are designed according to the meridian system of Dr. Reinhold Voll for the harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the individual meridians.



The chakra system is thousands of years old and references to it can be found in many cultures all over the world. The Hopi, Inca and Maya cultures, for example, make references to the chakras.

A large part of Asian teachings and religions are based on the principles of the Indian chakra teachings. The influence of the Indian chakra teachings reaches so far that they form the foundation for Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as for various techniques of energy and body work, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, TCM and spiritual healing.

Furthermore, spiritual as well as energy practitioner circles have adopted these teachings as the basis of many methods of energy and healing work.

The chakras serve the physical body and the subtle body (the aura) as mediators and it is thought that they function as a kind of transformer.

According to this model, the chakras are connected with the different aura layers and the meridians (energy paths) of the body and are also able to absorb energies of the cosmos and the ethereal world. Absorbed energies (vibrations) can be either a “positive“ influence (beneficial and useful) or a “negative“ influence.

The chakra teachings say that there are seven main chakras which are located along the spine or in the vertical central axis of the body, following the Kundalini energy, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. According to the chakra system, the Kundalini power rises upwards through this assumed energy channel (called sushumna or hara line).

The seven main chakras are characterized by certain functions and colors. For example, the lowest of the seven chakras, the red root chakra, indicates the basic trust level of a person. It stands for a fundamental part of the developmental process, because the basic trust level is established at the beginning of the child’s life. The crown chakra, the highest of the chakras, which is usually depicted in white or slightly violet, reflects, among other things, the knowledge about the universe that a person has collected with age. The colors of the chakras correspond to their individual vibration frequencies.

In addition to the subtle interpretation of the chakras, the main chakras can be assigned physically to the organs and glands with which they are supposed to be connected. In our experience physical and mental challenges often lead to changes in these energy fields.

We believe that with the help of intuition, one can perceive the existence and the position of the chakras and explore one‘s own energy field. In principle, anyone can learn how to feel energy fields under professional guidance and with practice by attending appropriate seminars. Often more and more sensitive abilities are developed in the process of an energetic initiation and with progressive use of the different methods of energy work. The Healy IMF chakra programs are designed to bioenergetically harmonize these central energy centers and bring them back into their natural balance.

Bioenergetic Defense


These IMF programs are designed to energetically harmonize negative influences and protect you from energetic breakdowns. In our experience the Bioenergetic Defense program group unfolds its effect directly in the Information Field.

The Information Field has many different names, such as Morphogenic Field, Akashic Record etc. According to our understanding, the Information Field is the non-material area through which spirit and matter communicate. It reflects what we consider to be the spiritual meaning of life events.

In our experience no electrodes are required when using these programs. However, you can intensify the effect of the programs by using electrodes.

Deep Cycle


The Deep Cycle IMF programs have been developed by Jan Fredrik Poleszynski (Oslo, Norway) and are in daily use by him in his professional practice.

Many of his clients also use them at home as well. The Deep Cycle IMF programs are a variation and further development of the popular Nuno Nina Gold Cycle IMF programs and can be beneficially combined with them for harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field.

The development of the Deep Cycle IMF programs is the result of Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s experience in microcurrent frequency applications since 2009 and is closely connected to the integrative thinking of Nuno Nina and his Gold Frequencies.

The Deep Cycle IMF programs have a special position in applications in the Bioenergetic Field and are generally more comprehensive than the Gold Cycle IMF programs.

Deep Cycle H


Deep Cycle H (Harmonic) is a holistic system for all levels of your existence. It is designed to help you flow with the cycles in your life and to support and adapt to changes. In our experience everything in nature and the universe is developing in cycles! Everything is interconnected; nature seeks harmony on every level. There are some key elements that must be in place to flourish and adapt to the ever changing and developing universe around us and inside of us.

Every program of the Deep Cycle H contains harmonic frequencies, which are the result of 10 years of research and application by Jan Poleszynski in his practice, including frequencies and harmonics that originate from nature, from our planet, from the sun as well as fundamental cosmic frequencies, frequencies that connect you to the earth and basic resonances of the atmosphere and surrounding planets. According to the experience of Jan Fredrik Poleszynski these frequencies are informational “highways” helping to bring you in harmony with yourself and with nature

The Deep Cycle first, second and third application programs are not contained in Deep Cycle H; instead, we recommend using the Sensitive IMF program for users who are new to frequency modulated microcurrent applications.


"Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies" ("IMF") refers to a proprietary technology of Healy World. It uses data from a physical noise generator to prioritize frequencies that professional users have found to have the highest relevance to the user.

The duration, frequencies, intensity, frequency, naming and descriptions of the Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are based on the practical experience of Nuno Nina and other experts and our understanding of the interaction of frequency modulated microcurrent with the Bioenergetic Field. They have not been confirmed by independent studies.

The Healy's Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are designed to support wellness by harmonizing the bioenergetic field. We have conducted unblinded before/after surveys in controlled and randomized groups of participants. These surveys suggest that participants' well-being was higher after use. We attribute this to the harmonization of the bioenergetic field, which we refer to as the energy flow of life, also traditionally called chi (or qi) and prana. However, this has not been confirmed by independent studies.

Healy's Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are not medical applications. They are not intended to cure, treat, alleviate, diagnose or prevent any disease or condition. The terms used in the programs do not constitute statements about their effects.

The purpose of the programs is to provide the user with a tool to explore possible applications. The Healy programs should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

You should always seek advice from a qualified medical professional. If you have or suspect you have a medical condition, or if you are being treated by a physician, you should consult your physician before using Healy. Always use your Healy according to the instructions for use.

Disclaimer: Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are not recognized by mainstream medicine due to lack of scientific evidence as defined by mainstream medicine. The information on these pages is for reference and educational purposes only. GoQuantum makes every effort to keep the information on these pages up to date, but does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, suitability, or timeliness of the information. GoQuantum shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the information provided on these pages.

All information is presented on an "as is" basis and the responsibility for its interpretation and use rests solely with the user. Use of Healy World products, programs or information is at the user's own risk and is subject to the user's discretion and independent judgment. The Healy World Companies, as well as GoQuantum, expressly disclaim responsibility for any decisions made by the user in connection with the use of Healy World products or services beyond the scope of the instructions for use and the manual provided by the Company.