Healy Coil

With the Healy Coil you have the possibility to use many of the nearly 300 applications of your Healy without a cable.

This gives you even more flexibility and makes the Healy Coil an indispensable accessory for every edition!

Application without cable

Transmit frequencies with the help of quantum potentials even without electrodes and cables. Pure information is oscillating.

Inspired by Nikola Tesla

Quantum potential frequencies arise from two opposing magnetic fields that cancel each other out.

Suitable for everyone

Supports your bioenergetic field even when the application of microcurrent is not possible

Use quantum potential frequencies to support your bioenergetic field

A completely new coil as an accessory for the Healy: There are always situations in which the cable electrodes can be awkward to put on and a hindrance.
For this there is now the Healy Coil, with which you can transmit the Healy frequencies cable-free!

  • Coils based on the working principle of Quantum Potential Frequencies (QPF) have been used in large numbers for years; they are an ideal means of now also tuning Healy frequency patterns into the Bioenergetic Field (BEF) in a targeted manner by means of cable-free transmission!
  • The Healy Coil is not a replacement for the electrodes, but a supplement and can only be applied to the Healy's Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs.

Use Healy Coil correctly:

Connecting and using your Healy with the coil requires only three simple steps. Be sure to wear it close to your body, for example on your collar, during use.

Position coil

Slides the top edge of your coil under the clip of your Healy as shown. The intuitive design allows only one alignment.

Connect Coil and Healy

Carefully slide the coil upwards until the golden contact pins snap into the designated openings of the Healys.

Start your application

Now you can select an IMF program as usual, transfer it to the Healy and start using it.

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