Healy for animals – can this work?

September, 2023

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The Healy was primarily designed for use on humans. However, there are also special animal functions and many reports from people who also use the Healy successfully for their pets. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the topic - enjoy reading!

Healy for pets - is there anything wrong with it?

In order to come to a conclusion here, we should first look at the biological basics.

Of course, there are thousands of things that distinguish humans from animals, but if you look at pure biology, we are very similar. In our example we start from mammals, which are classically kept as pets, especially popular are cats and dogs, but also horses are still kept by many people.

These animals have the same primary organs as humans, so the smallest building blocks of their bodies are also the individual cells. Since the Healy works with frequencies aimed directly at the cells to restore their natural tension, its use in animals is therefore, in theory, just as possible as in humans.

But even though the physical makeup of humans and animals is very similar, there are of course very big differences in intelligence and behavior, which is why you can't adopt the Healy application in animals 1:1, of course.

No dog, no cat and probably no other animal would accept the adhesive, ear or arm electrodes on their own body for more than a few seconds, especially not if there is a noticeable current flowing (if your animal is an exception here, you should definitely make sure to run the programs at very low intensity).

In what way can I treat my pet with the Healy?

The Healy also emits frequencies when programs are running and no electrodes are connected (the effect may be weaker then, but still present).

Some Healy owners tell us that they take advantage of this property to treat their animals - they either place the Healy next to the animal, attach it to the collar, for example, or place it in a cloth bag and then put it around the animal (caution: here the cloth must not be too thick, otherwise the frequencies can be blocked or weakened too much).

Which Healy programs can I use for animals?

Theoretically, everything that humans use in similar situations can be used, but we recommend running a maximum of one or two low-intensity programs, because just like humans, animals can react differently to frequency therapy, but they have difficulty communicating when it becomes too much for them.

From the testimonials of our Healy owners, we could also find out that the programs of the gold cycle as well as "Bach flowers" achieve particularly good effects with animals.

Are there any scientific findings on the use of the Healy with animals?

We must point out at this point that there are no studies on the use of the Healy in animals at this time and the information situation is accordingly thin, all recommendations that we give on this subject are therefore non-binding and are based only on the reports of other users - in principle, however, nothing speaks against using the Healy in appropriate complaints in animals, since - as already mentioned in the previous - the basic structure of the body is not very different from that of humans.

The basic problem with this topic is, of course, that we cannot talk to animals in order to better assess the effect of the Healy, but we are aware of a few cases where the Healy was able to achieve a visible effect - e.g. with an eleven-year-old Great Dane with hip problems, who can walk better again after regular treatment, or a foal that was born very weak and was nursed up with the help of the Gold Cycle programs. These are just two examples from a whole series of testimonials that have reached us in recent months.

When should I use the Healy to treat animals?

If the use of the Healy can save an animal strong medication or even an operation, this possibility should be considered in any case - nevertheless, a veterinarian should always be involved in the treatment, because even the Healy can not work miracles and it must always be weighed, which treatment options make sense in each case.

Strong side effects resulting from the treatment with the Healy, however, are not known to us so far, neither in humans nor in animals, so it can not hurt to try the application in advance or in parallel with other healing methods.

We hope that we could clarify some questions about "Healy for animals" with this article - if you have made experiences with it yourself, we would be very happy if you tell us about it - feel free to write us an email!

If you also want to get a Healy, check out the official store now and find the edition that suits you - we wish you a lot of fun and success with your own Healy.

Note: Healy is a medical device for pain treatment in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for supportive treatment in mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other applications of the Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to a lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

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