Healadvisor Search

Extensive support

The HealAdvisor Search is your personal guide for more fitness, well-being and energetic balance in all topics!

Advanced technology

An AI (artificial intelligence) module that is constantly being expanded with new knowledge about the effect of frequencies!

Optimal application

Ongoing new frequency recommendations for many areas of your life from the expert databases of the HealAdvisor Cloud!

A modular system for your health

HealAdvisor Search is an intelligent, networked system. It identifies the topics relevant to you and finds the right Healy IMF program for (almost) any of your search queries. The self-learning algorithms process search queries and data into optimized search results that become more accurate over time.

  • The heart and brain of the HealAdvisor Search app is the expert database. It describes the complex relationships between poor health, chakras, substances, challenges, meridians, nutrition, emotional well-being, and organs.
  • In addition to the classic Search functions such as the creation of application plans and shopping lists, the HealAdvisor App also contains special modules such as Bioenergetic Vitalization or the HealAdvisor Animal.

More modules

Various extensions also find their place in the HealAdvisor Search App

Digital Nutrition

HealAdvisor Animal

Bioenergetic Vitalisation