Healy Watch

Combines all the functions of a fitness tracker with bioenergetic frequency analysis.

Enables precise measurements and detailed evaluations like no other wearable before.

Personalized tips and recommendations through the HealAdvisor Cloud and artificial intelligence.

Always the perfect frequencies for body, mind and soul

Healy and Healy Watch capture the frequencies of your bioenergetic field in real time and transmit the data encrypted and scrambled to the HealAdvisor Cloud.
Expert logarithms use six balance parameters to create your optimal application plan from all available frequency groups!*
  • The Healy Watch measures your bioenergetic status by analyzing BRA (Bioenergetic Rhythm Analysis), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and sleep parameters. Quick and easy.
  • The Healy Watch Connector module* can analyze these readings to find the frequencies that help you relax, relieve stress and support your fitness goals.
  • These analyses lead to a selection of the most appropriate Healy IMF programs in a 7-day plan to support the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field and apply these frequency programs.
  • Afterwards, you can use the Healy Watch to check the effect on your body and find new IMF programs for the next application.
*Not intended for diagnosis or therapy

Innovative measurements

Healy Watch uses the latest technology to continuously and accurately measure various parameters of your body and your
bioenergetic field.

AI optimized analysis

Sophisticated algorithms of the HealAdvisor AI determine which frequency groups are currently best suited for you and your situation.

Always the right frequency

You receive individual program suggestions and recommendations, can use them regularly and continuously check their effect.

Discover the unique possibilities of Healy Watch*.

Healy Watch, Healy and the HealAdvisor app are based on the technology of TimeWaver systems. This means that Healy Watch not only has all the advantages of a classic smartwatch (such as monitoring incoming messages, calls, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and, among other things, a vibration alarm, music control, weather forecast, phone search, timer or SOS function), but also allows you to measure and analyze your body functions and your bioenergetic field.

The three pillars of HealAdvisor


Wearable for analysis, microcurrent and frequency therapy

Healy incorporates the key technology of TimeWaver therapy devices and combines it with the most advanced IT. This makes it probably the smallest and most modern system for the application of microcurrent and frequency therapy

Bioenergetic measurement, smartwatch and fitness tracker

The Healy Watch is a unique wearable that can help you make your everyday life healthier and more active. In addition to parameters such as pulse or sleep, it also analyzes your movement and your bioenergetic field.

Control center, HealAdvisor and Medical Cloud

Artificial intelligence networked systems make it quick and easy to use the numerous functions of Heay ideally and additionally turn your smartphone into your very own personal HealAdvisor.

Special frequencies to support your balance

The Healy Watch interface and Healy Watch Connector subscription not only allow communication between Healy and your Healy Watch, but also give you access to the HealAdvisor app and 36 additional frequency apps for a small monthly fee!

Watch programs


The Healy Watch measures your bioenergetic status by analyzing BRA (Bioenergetic Rhythm Analysis), HRV (Heart Rate Variability), sleep and other parameters.

Evaluation of these parameters in the Healy Watch app results in recommendations for Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs that support the harmonization of your bioenergetic field.

Meridian programs


The idea of the organ clock is thousands of years old and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The concept on which it is based assumes that every function of the body is connected with a certain time of day on the internal clock of the organism.

This means each organ is at the peak of its function for a two-hour period each day.

The Healy Watch Meridian Programs are Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs for the organ that is currently active at the current time of day, and support the harmonization of your bioenergetic field.

Digital Nutrition Programs


The Healy Watch Digital Nutrition Programs are Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to assist in harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field.

The recommended programs are based on the evaluation of the parameters measured by the Healy Watch.

They contain combinations of several resonance frequencies for certain substances, optimized according to the 6 balance parameters, which are determined from the measured values in the Healy Watch.

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