Buying the Healy – What you should look out for

September, 2023

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If you have decided to buy a Healy or simply want to test it at home for 14 days without obligation, there are a few things to consider.

In this article, we will tell you what you should pay attention to and why it never hurts to thoroughly inform yourself and compare before you order.

Where can you order your Healy?

The Healy is distributed within the framework of so-called network marketing or multi-level marketing. This means that all orders are processed and shipped directly by the manufacturing company, Healy World.

However, the subsequent support with regard to commissioning, use or also with regard to possible further recommendations is then carried out by various partners.

So that each order can be assigned to such a partner, you first need a so-called partner link to purchase on the store page. An order without a link is not possible (if you did not receive one or if you want to purchase your device through us, just click here to get to the Healy Shop).

Since you need a personal user account to use the Healy and the app in any case, to which your devices are linked, orders via external stores or platforms (such as portals for classified ads) are generally neither permitted nor recommended for you.

Why is the choice of Healy sponsor critical?

As described above, you can only purchase the Healy directly from the manufacturer Healy World.

For you, this means one thing above all: regardless of whether you simply want to use the Healy for yourself, possibly use the devices in your practice or want to become active in sales yourself: The choice of the right sponsor is crucial, because this sponsor is your contact person afterwards and cannot be changed so easily!

In order to give you a little help in making your decision, you will find some points below that you should pay attention to before you order your Healy:

  • The Healy is a complex product, the Healy Med even a class 2a medical device. So ask yourself whether the person/organization/company from whose link you are ordering has sufficient expertise and is really capable of providing you with comprehensive and long-term support. Or in other words: would you buy other medical devices such as a hearing aid, a tracheal tube or devices for ultrasound diagnostics with a good feeling in the same place?
  • Healy does not consume itself, is constantly developed and will probably accompany you for many years. So choose a partner with whom you assume that he/she will not lose interest after a few weeks or months and will not be able/want to continue taking care of you.
  • Healy is versatile and can be applied in different areas. Accordingly, it is an advantage if your consultant has a large network to refer you to experts in different fields if necessary and also to be there for you with specific questions.

As you can see, there are various aspects that need to be considered. Once you have made the right decision, you can then choose the right edition for your needs and nothing will stand in the way of your order.

If you are still not sure where to order your Healy, you can read below what we offer our customers and partners and why we might be the right choice for you.

What are your advantages in our team?

As a Healy user

Behind Was-Heilt is a large network of therapists, pharmacists, (sports) scientists, trainers and coaches. Together, we have been active in the German-speaking region for almost 15 years and share our knowledge in the context of courses, professional training and lectures, both in theory and in practice.

As a customer, you can benefit from this concentrated experience and have not only one contact person, but a complete team behind you!

We offer you customized concepts for the optimal application of your Healys in different areas, top consulting and a probably unique knowledge database with recordings of webinars, training videos or advanced content as well as several live events per week.

It's easy for you to take advantage of these benefits. Order your Healy via any link on this page and contact us via chat or the contact form at the bottom of this page as soon as your device arrives. We will then immediately unlock you for all further content and support you!

As a therapist

If you want to use the Healy in your practice or studio or recommend it to your patients, you've come to the right place.

We know and understand the challenges of running a practice. That's why we've developed unique therapist systems that help you achieve the best possible results for your patients.

At the same time, they simplify or automate numerous recurring processes, giving you more time to do what you set out to do.

The professional exchange in exclusive expert groups, high-quality professional training, detailed training and comprehensive documentation make it easy for you to expand your knowledge and the performance spectrum of your practice.

Simply contact us via chat to receive an individual consultation.

If interested in sales

Especially in the healthcare sector, quality and sustainable added value for partners and customers are crucial for your long-term success.

With us, you can expect unique tools on a specially developed platform with training, calculators, information tools for interested parties and duplicatable concepts for the automated finding and servicing of customers and partners.

Start now and secure your place in the largest German-speaking team or click on the chat button below right and apply now!

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