The latest innovation from Healy World helps you harmonize your environment by creating a pulsating magnetic field. Lightweight, portable and discreet, it generates positive energy wherever you go.

Unique in function

Supports your environment with a pulsating magnetic field aimed at harmonizing your surroundings

Four innovative applications

The program groups Classic, Water, Atmosphere and McMakin support you in a variety of situations

Suitable for animals

Also your pets or even plants can enjoy the MagHealy, e.g. via the water application

The MagHealy

The MagHealy complements the original and very successful Healy. Together they form a synergy. Like an orchestra playing a symphony of frequencies.

Healy focuses on the human bioenergetic field and promotes inner well-being, MagHealy addresses space through a pulsating magnetic field that aims to harmonize your environment

  • MagHealy uses two flat coils in combination with two frequency generators to generate 2, independent, frequency modulated and pulsating magnetic fields with a frequency of up to 12.5 MHz.
  • The pulsation of MagHealy reaches up to 3 meters and is extended even further by resonance. So you can take advantage of magnetic field applications throughout your environment.

Program Details:



The MagHealy Classic module includes various magnetic field applications that fit many situations. Wherever you use it, we are confident that you will find a program that will help you relax, improve your environment and revitalize.

MagHealy WATER


The MagHealy Water Module contains 24 programs that inform your drinking water with Quantum Analyzed Frequencies (QAF)1.

Stay hydrated and take in the positive energy in your cells and body. Your pets and plants will love it too!



This module uses Quantum Analyzed Frequencies (QAF) with a pulsating magnetic field to harmonize your environment.

It contains 24 programs to keep you productive, energized, and comfortable in your daily activities.

MagHealy McMakin


This application was developed by Carolyn McMakin, chiropractor, American teacher, researcher, developer of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and author of the book "The Resonance Effect". It is unique in its method in that it uses two frequencies to precisely address various imbalances in the bioenergetic field.

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