Buy the Healy on Ebay – a good idea?

September, 2023

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The Healy is becoming more and more popular, and the offers on various platforms such as eBay Kleinanzeigen, Quoka or Markt are increasing accordingly. Often, these offers attract with a supposedly low price, but the purchase in this way can bring some disadvantages for you as a customer.

In this article, we'll tell you what to look out for so that you don't get any nasty surprises and get the best package for your money.

Buy the Healy used - where do the devices come from?

Before we take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing your Healy from a third-party platform instead of directly from the company, let's first say a few words about why these offers exist at all and what they are all about.

It is already known from user surveys that only a very small proportion of Healy users can imagine doing without their Healy. Specifically, this is only about 4% of the unique users. Therefore, it can be assumed that most sales are not the classic private resale of a device that is no longer used.

But where do the devices come from and who brings them to market?

To understand this, the first thing we need to do is look a bit at Healy's distribution model.

The Healy is sold within the framework of so-called network marketing or on the basis of recommendation marketing. It is therefore possible for every satisfied user to recommend the devices and receive a corresponding commission.

However, recommending Healy also offers other advantages. For example, from time to time, as part of promotions and campaigns, there is the chance to receive additional, so-called demo devices free of charge through the successful referral of devices.

Normally, these are intended (as the name suggests) to be lent out to prospective customers, thus giving them an understanding of the product. However, for some business partners this is not enough and they try to maximize their profit by reselling the free devices via third-party platforms such as eBay Classifieds. Unfortunately, this is often to the detriment of their customers!

Buying the Healy on eBay - what disadvantages can this have for you?

Based on several inquiries we made with various sellers on eBay, eBay Classifieds, Quoka and Markt, we were able to determine that over 90% of the offered editions are so-called demo devices. These devices were never bought regularly, but "earned" in the context of promotions and actions, such as Fast Start,

The resale of these devices is therefore basically not legal at all, since they are actually supposed to be used to give new customers the opportunity to deal with the product without obligation, and they are still legally owned by the company.

However, this is not the only problem. In order to use a full-featured Healy, it is important to have a member or partner account with Healy World. This account or the access data to this account is needed, for example, to log in to the apps, book additional functions, or use the cloud services, which are actually essential for operation.

Since a Demo Healy is always activated on an existing member account, these devices do not have the authorization or the possibility of independent use in many cases.

For you as a buyer, this may mean that you pay a high price for a device that you can never use to its full extent. Also a reclaim of the device by the company, which was actually sold wrongly, cannot be excluded.

But that's not all. Besides a limited range of functions and other disadvantages, there are also numerous other advantages that are not available to you this way.

What are the advantages of buying a new device through the regular store or an official sponsor?

The regular purchase of a Healy is always done via the store of the Healy World and via the link of a certified sponsor. The sponsor is your contact person and is responsible for explaining the use and (if you wish) also the business opportunities with the Healy, or to support you with all questions in the long term.

Of course, each Healy also comes with a 24-month warranty, as well as certain benefits that are only available to you in the first few months after you open an account.

If you decide to buy a Healy directly and new, you will have, among other things, the possibility of securing yourself additional equipment for use (for example, within the family or a presentation to the customer).

In the case of devices purchased second-hand, this time window has usually expired or was never available because, as described above, they are not regularly purchased devices.

In addition, reselling the demo devices is in many cases a clear indication that the respective seller is not serious about the business with Healy and you will have to cope without support and maybe even without warranty by the company in case of a case.

So here you have to weigh very carefully whether the advantages or the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Often, the savings when buying used are only a few euros, but the disadvantages are significant. If you are unsure, you can always contact us via chat and ask for personal advice.

In the following, we will also briefly show you which points you should definitely pay attention to in order to at least exclude the biggest risks for you.

Buying a used Healy - what should you look out for?

As you now know, the supposedly somewhat cheaper purchase of a used Healy may have a number of disadvantages that far outweigh any minimally lower acquisition costs.

Should you still decide to purchase your Healy via eBay or another classifieds portal, here are the most important questions you should ask the seller:

  • Is the offered device a regularly purchased device or a device that was "earned" during a promotion? If it is an earned device, you should urgently refrain from buying it!
  • Does the offered Healy have its own account and is it sold with it? If yes: how should the transfer of the account be done? If no: absolutely hands off!
  • Does the device still have warranty and how long does it run?
  • Who is the sponsor or who can you contact with questions about the application or, if necessary, about building the business if there are difficulties?
  • Have other partners or customers already been enrolled via the corresponding member account, or do you have subscriptions or other obligations that you may be assuming without knowing it?

Hopefully, you now have the most important facts to form your own opinion and make the right decision for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the chat function on this page or leave a comment.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can get a new device with unique support, full warranty and many other benefits - just get in touch with us!

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