The Healy at a glance – The most important notes on function & application

September, 2023

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When searching for information about the Healy, one is overwhelmed with countless information. Even when ordering a Healy, questions often remain unanswered and new questions keep popping up as you use it.

In this article, we will answer some basic questions about the Healy that are important to know before choosing a Healy. First, we will clarify some basic terms and then address questions from everyday use.

We hope we can help you with this - if you still have open questions, you can always contact us personally via our chat. You can find it on the bottom right of each of our pages via the Healy.

We hope you enjoy reading - select the topic you want to start with here:

Safety instructions for the use of the Healy

The Healy is a product developed in Germany and is also manufactured here - the safety standards are correspondingly high. However, you should still pay attention to a few things when using the device:

In order not to overstrain your body, you should not run more than two to three programs daily - only in case of acute problems, more may be used in exceptional cases.

You should not use the Healy while driving or while driving machines.

  • If you have metallic objects in your body (e.g. a pacemaker), you should not use the Healy in this area.
  • You should not use the Healy if you currently have a fever.
  • If your skin is irritated or you are currently undergoing radiation therapy, you should refrain from using the Healy during this time.
  • The Healy should not be used during pregnancy or if you have epilepsy.

Another note: for particularly sensitive people, it may be advisable to use the Healy without the cable or with the Healy Coil at first. Also, before using the device for the first time, be sure to read the enclosed manual to familiarize yourself with the device and all other relevant points.

Notes on the use of the Healy wristband electrodes

If you have sensitive skin, it may be beneficial to place a damp cloth (e.g. kitchen roll or a thin cotton cloth) under the wristband electrodes to avoid skin irritation. Particularly with dry skin, additional care should be taken to use the Healy only with a low current intensity.

Notes on the use of Healy adhesive electrodes

The adhesive electrodes of the Healy should not be placed on the mouth, eyes, neck or near the heart.

Notes on the use of the Healy ear electrodes

The ear electrodes of the Healy should only ever be used wet. Again, it is advisable to start with low amperage and slowly increase as needed. Also make sure that the cotton on the ear electrodes is intact and replace the electrodes as soon as they start to wear out.

Can the Healy be used while taking medication?

Since Healy is a physical and not a chemical process, it can be used while taking most medications without any problems. However, under no circumstances should you change your medication without consulting your doctor.

How to make the application of the Healy more effective?

There are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase the effectiveness of the Healy. Below we have summarized the most important advice for you:

  • Drink at least 300 ml of clear water before each use, if possible, to increase your body's conductivity.
  • If you have the opportunity, get into a relaxed position for each application and try to fully concentrate on the frequencies
  • Be patient and use the Healy regularly, preferably every day. For many users, the first successes appear only after several days or even weeks of use.
  • Create an application schedule with the different Healy programs and repeat it regularly. For this purpose, each Healy contains th
  • If you feel unwell during use (e.g. due to dizziness), use the Healy without the cable for the time being.
  • Keep your own success diary to monitor and document progress and your well-being.

What are the methods of using the Healy?

With the Healy cable

The correct use of the Healy wrist, adhesive and ear electrodes is communicated to you directly in the app for the respective programs.

As "cloud"

Very sensitive people in particular can also use the Healy without a cable. To do this, the device is simply worn as close to the body as possible while using a program. You are thus in a kind of electromagnetic field in the close vicinity of the Healy. This effect can be amplified by the Healy Coil and is also suitable for children or pets, the same applies to the use of the MagHealy.

Tips for charging the Healy

If you have a new Healy, you should leave it on the charging cable for more than 12 hours several times in the first few days - this will extend the runtime. If you notice that the battery is discharging faster and faster after a certain period of use, simply repeat this process.

Why does the Healy sometimes shut down prematurely?

If it can be avoided, you should not normally interrupt a running Healy program.

However, it may happen that the Healy switches off by itself during the use of a program - however, this is not a malfunction, but simply means that your body is already prematurely "saturated" with frequencies.

What can be done if the Healy does not connect properly to the Healy App?

It may happen in exceptional cases that the Healy does not automatically connect to the Healy App. This problem can be solved by performing the following steps one after the other:

  • Close all Healy apps that you have open or that may be running in the background.
  • Disable the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.
  • Turn off your Healy.
  • Open the Healy app again.
  • Turn your Healy back on.
  • Activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone again and try to connect to your Healy.

If it doesn't work on the first try, repeat these steps.

What do the different colors of the circle in the Healy app mean?

The circle displayed in the Healy App when playing the different programs can have three different colors, which mean the following:

  • White: the connection runs without problems
  • Gray: either a system program is running or the current flow is not measurable (but does not mean that no current is flowing).
  • Black: no current flows.

If you have any further (technical) problems with your Healy, we recommend that you take a look at our detailed FAQs. 

What is the Healy Aura Analysis?

The Aura Analysis Module is available from the Healy Resonance model and higher and offers a great advantage. With this module you can create recordings of your personal aura.

Through the integrated quantum sensor in the Healy, the distribution of the energy of the seven chakras in the information field can be recorded.

Likewise, the aura analysis can be performed via the HealAdvisor analysis app and proceeds similarly to the resonance analysis. If you would like to try out the Healy and its analysis capabilities before making a purchase, you can test the device extensively for 14 days without any obligation.

What is Healy Resonance Analysis?

The Resonance Analysis Module is part of the Healy Resonance and Healy Professional model. It enables an analysis in the information field for all your clients and also for yourself. The results show what the analyzed client is most resonant with at the time of the analysis.

The Healy compares these measurement results with various databases in the Medical Cloud. As a result of the analysis and the subsequent comparison, individually suitable frequencies are recommended to you.

Since it is an information field analysis, this analysis can also be performed at a distance and the person to be analyzed does not have to be near the Healy. He/she only has to concentrate on the focus "With what do I currently have the greatest resonance" during the analysis.

To perform a resonance analysis, you need at least the Healy Resonance model and the HealAdvisor analysis app. Once installed, select the Resonance Analysis option and follow the instructions in the app.

On our Alphawave platform you can also find videos with live demonstrations, including distance analysis. If you have any questions, just contact us, e.g. via the chat on this page (bottom right corner).

What are systemic, local, and acute frequency programs at Healy?

There are over 100 sequence programs based on the frequencies from the gold cycle, which are intended to be supportive in many areas of life and for many ailments.

These types of programs are called systemic frequency programs and can be identified by the abbreviation "syst." behind the program name.

The quantum sensor should always select the most appropriate frequencies for the user. The systemic frequency programs aim to address the root causes of the problem holistically and are often applied with the help of bracelet electrodes.

Special programs called "acute" are designed to provide supportive relief for sudden symptoms such as pain, stress, or sleep problems. These programs can be applied via ear electrodes and are said to show positive results after only 20 minutes. Local programs have a similar effect.

When using frequency programs, systemic programs should be used first and foremost. If necessary, local and acute frequency programs can also be added.

What can you do if you don't feel anything when using the Healy?

Each person reacts differently to the Healy, with some being more sensitive than others.

It is important to note that the body's sensitivity to frequencies can be day-dependent and that the body can only perceive frequencies up to 1,000 HZ.

However, the Healy works in higher frequency ranges. However, if one does not feel any effect when using the Healy, there are tips and procedures to improve this.

Check if there are any connection problems

While the frequency program is running on the Rosa Healy app, you can check whether the electrodes are adhering well to the skin via the progress indicator. A black color means that there is not enough connection, while a white color means that there is an optimal connection.

If the display remains black or changes between white and black, this can be due to various reasons. First, check if the coloration is permanently black or if it changes.

If permanently black, it may be because the frequencies used are not currently accepted by the body and toxins need to be removed from the body first. This is an indication of resistance in the body and not necessarily a bad connection.

To ensure that there is an optimal connection when the progress indicator is black, you should drink enough still water throughout the day and before use.

Dry skin can also be a reason why you do not feel anything, so you can try moisture under the electrodes or a slightly moistened sponge between the skin and the electrode.

How do you adjust the amperage on the Healy?

There are two options to adjust the intensity of the current.

You can increase or decrease the intensity during a running frequency program in the Rosa Healy app by using the plus and minus icons and the percentage display. However, it should never be uncomfortable.

If that doesn't have the desired effect, you can adjust the general intensity setting in the HealAdvisor app by selecting between low and high intensity.

To do this, go to "Settings" in the app, select "My Healy", go to "Configurations" and then you can change the current intensity.

You can see the necessary steps in these screenshots:

Now it can take up to an hour for the adjustment to be made.

Once you see that the HealAdvisor app has changed to the desired current, go to the regular Healy app, select "Settings" there as well, go to "My Healy" and click "Update" on the "Configuration" tab.

What does "resonating frequencies" mean with the Healy?

As a result of the analyses with the Healy, frequencies and information can be swung up. However, this concept often causes confusion if one is not yet familiar with it.

By upswinging frequencies, one can have a positive impact on information fields by optimizing the databases analyzed.

It does not matter how one wears the Healy, as long as it is close to the body. Electrodes are not required for this process.

However, it should be noted that not everything can be swung up. There is certain information such as Bach flowers, Schuessler salts or aura analysis that can be swung up into the quantum field. However, it is a little different with the so-called IMF programs.

The upsweep of water with the Healy

If you lean the Healy against a water container (e.g. a glass or bottle), certain frequencies (e.g. Bach flowers) can be transferred to the liquid as you run through the programs. The positive properties of these frequencies are supposed to unfold when you drink the water.

What are Healy IMF programs?

IMF stands for Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies and can be found in the pink Healy app, you have a special icon on the top right of the program icon that is only seen with IMF programs.

These programs are suitable for use with the Healy Coil, you can find more information about them in this article.

In contrast to the information in the Frequency Upswing, the IMF programs are intended to be transmitted directly to the body and have a positive effect on the cell membrane tension by causing a balance.

You have more questions about the Healy?

If you have any further questions about the Healy, our team of experts will be happy to answer them personally. Just send us an email at or start a chat with one of our support staff right away. You can find the chat window in the lower right corner of each of our pages, including this one.

If you want to read more exciting articles about Healy,
check out the overview of our blog articles.

Note: The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the Healy Editions are not medical applications. They are not intended to cure, treat, alleviate, diagnose, or prevent disease, have not been tested by a Notified Body, and are not part of a conformity assessment procedure under the MDD/MDR. The information on these pages is for reference and educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always seek such advice from a qualified medical professional.

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